Dr’s Ramirez Medical Micropigmentation Clinic is a natural extension of Ramirez Plastic Surgery. We started with dry needling and scars camouflage. Scars like from hair transplant, plastic surgery, and trauma scars. Hair transplant scars we camouflage by hair replication techniques. Than we extend it to full scalp area. Later this procedure becomes so popular, that it grows into a separate business.  All of our treatments are personalized to meet the individual needs of each and every client. We use the latest technology equipment, special needles, and pigments. In our clinic we know how sensitive the issue of baldness, thinning, receding hair, or visible scaring can be. That is why we provide confidential and caring atmosphere.

What make Dr.’s Ramirez Medical Micropigmentation Clinic different from other similar businesses?
Micropigmentation (or medical tattooing) can be painful. Because we are MEDICAL facility, we use prescription strength local anesthetics to keep our patients comfortable. Some men, who where wearing hairpieces for long time, can developed skin irritations or other skin conditions, which need to be treated before hair replication. This or other possible complications, like delayed allergic reaction to a pigment, infection, rising of the blood pressure (in patients with history of high blood pressure) can be treated in our clinic.

Medical Micropigmentaton Clinic located in the Elite Surgical and Aesthetic Center in Weston Florida. We are 20 driving minutes from Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood airport, 5 walking minutes from Residence Inn Marriot Hotel. Within 5 driving minutes Weston Town Center with a lot of stores and restaurants. Beautiful Fort Lauderdale beach and Port Everglades also near by. Our patients from other cities, states, or countries can combine their vocation or cruise with having hair replication or other procedure done.  

Tatiana Melikdjanian - Medical Micropigmentation Specialist (MMS)

Tatiana is an Esthetician, Make-up Artist, and Surgical Assistant with 19 years of experience. Her skills as an esthetician enable her to quickly recognize skin conditions, skin sensitivity, and allergic reactions.

Years of working with makeup has made Tatiana an expert in mixing and matching colors to the skin tone, hair and eye colors. Most importantly, working as a surgical assistant Tatiana has gained extensive experience in aseptic techniques, sterilization, and working with needles.

All this skills naturally led Tatiana to become Medical Micropigmentation Specialist. She specializes in Hair Replication, Hair Density, and Scar Camouflage.

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